New Orleans Saints fans likely need little reason to start a new NFL season hating the Atlanta Falcons.

For fans wanting a little more gas to add to the fire, though, the Falcons provided plenty of that Thursday evening. 

The Saints' sworn enemy in the NFC South used the release of their official schedule for the regular season to take a couple of shots at New Orleans through a Game of Thrones-inspired video on their Twitter account entitled "Football is coming."

In the video, the Falcons highlight each game in their schedule with elaborate computer graphics of each teams' mascot and the stadium where the game will take place. 

This includes a flock of Eagles flying into Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the Falcons' Week 2 matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles, a hurd of Rams charging into Atlanta for their Week 7 game against Los Angeles and much more. 

For the Saints, however, the visuals were less positive. 

For starters, the Falcons replaced a caricature of the Saints' logo with a giant "X" when promoting their Week 10 and Thanksgiving matchups.

They up the ante with promotion of the Week 10 game in New Orleans, showing a "SAINTS" billboard outside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome suddenly losing its "S" to read "AINTS."

The major offense, however, is the promotion for the Thanksgiving game.

A single Ram charges through a New Orleans second line marching into Atlanta and knocks over a saxophone player. A referee then runs into the frame and gives the signal for no foul -- a clear nod to the no-call during January's NFC Championship game between the Saints and the Rams in New Orleans. 

You can watch the Falcons schedule release video, if you want, below.

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