Even if you weren't one of the 7.4 million who watched the NFL's Pro Bowl last weekend, there's probably one highlight you've seen.

That would be the hilarious, Wrestlemania-esque match among New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees' sons as ESPN's Lisa Salters conducted a sideline interview with Brees.

In case you missed it, Brees' oldest son Baylen was describing his ball-boy duties to Salters when his younger brothers, Bowen and Callen, started playfully roughhousing with each other on camera. Baylen inserted himself into the fray and landed quite the elbow to end the fracas.

"I know everybody got a kick out of it," Brees said in an interview on WWL Radio's "SportsTalk" on Wednesday afternoon. "The headlines were good. The videos and everything were funny. Just the timing of it all was hysterical. The fact that they literally started doing that on their own right in the middle of the interview then Baylen went in and elbowed his brother in the face..."

But, of course, papa Brees said the boys got a "stern talking-to" about there being "a time and a place" for everything, especially since the wrestling match momentarily spilled onto the field during the game.

Here are a few other questions and answers from the interview. Click here to listen to the full audio via WWL.

On what his next contract might look like, his plans to re-sign with the Saints...

"I haven't thought about dollar amounts or anything like that ... I really haven't thought about the contract...

"I don't have any intention on shopping the market or going anywhere else. I want to be a Saint, and I think they want to have me back. 

"Call if whatever you want. I don't know what the deal is going to look like -- how many years it's going to be or what -- but I'll just tell you mindset is I want to win. I want to win a championship. And I expect to do it next year."

On how the Saints' current roster and recent success plays into contract talks...

"You're always looking at those things. You're looking at how successful can the team be. And then, what's my part in making the team as successful as we can be too. There are so many factors that go into it -- the guys up-front ... in the draft you're always looking at young offensive linemen to add depth and create competition ... defensively, we're really excited about the young guys that we drafted, and some of these guys in their second and third year that are continuing to come along .... the run game with Mark and Alvin -- those guys were tremendous this year ... All of those are factors."

On the opportunity to practice with other star players at the Pro Bowl...

"It's always something I really value about the game: the chance to be around other guys, to see their approach, to see their level of focus ... Earl Thomas of the Seattle Seahawks ... I know it's Pro Bowl practice and things are supposed to be light and chill, but that guy is practicing like he's getting ready for the the Super Bowl ... I love having teammates like that. Michael Thomas is like that too where every rep is the Super Bowl rep."