Scoops Callahan

Saints quarterback Drew Brees laughs as he's asked a bizarre question after a loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football. (screenshot via Twitter). 

What did he just say?

If the Dallas Cowboys kept Drew Brees off his game on Thursday Night Football, that was nothing compared to a question that was lobbed at him after the game. 

As Brees answered with his usual cadence, explaining the 13-10 loss, a confusing and odd-sounding reporter's voice came from the crowd. 

The question: "Champ, champ. On the sunny side, despite tonight not being the berries, you have to believe that your Crescent City buckmen are all set to make a great run at another ice-covered Roscoe, just like the Bulldog boys from Canton town." 


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The clip went viral overnight, and spawned many possible explanations, including the suggestion that he was a foreign reporter who had made his way over to cover the Saints. 

The answer, however, is less mysterious: This was the work of Scoops Callahan. 

While Callahan, whose real name is Tom Gribble, may be a new experience for Brees and the Saints, he's been flummoxing sports figures for years with questions asked in old-timey, 1920-style radio reporter fashion. 

Gribble is a sports radio host in the Dallas area.

A Youtube compilation of such clips shows Scoops interviewing several unsuspecting athletes and coaches, including Giants quarterback Eli Manning, soccer star David Beckham and golf star Phil Mickelson. 

Some stars like Brees responded in quizzical fashion. The Saints QB first responded with "I have no idea what that means," before offering a cookie-cutter answer. 

Popovich asked, "Am I being punked?" 

Manning, a New Orleans native, was nonplussed and simply answered the question.