When the New Orleans Saints defeated the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte in Week 3, Cam Jordan had a little fun in the post-game locker room, poking fun at some of Cam Newton's interesting clothing choices.

"Anytime he tried to scoot out, we showed up on his high heels. Not that he wears high heels -- I don’t think so yet, right?" Jordan asked reporters after the game. "I mean, he’s gone with the grandma hat and the onesie. The Coachella onesie?"

Now that the Saints and Panthers are on track for a mammoth matchup Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Newton was reminded of Jordan's comments Wednesday and shot back.

"I didn’t know he was a fan of my dress code," Newton said, according to the Charlotte Observer. "Obviously he’s been paying attention. Nevertheless, that’s flattering to me. If he sends me his address, I can send him some sauce.

"I've seen the way (Jordan) dresses too, so – not that this is a fashion show or anything."

With the fashion barbs out of the way, Newton complimented Jordan, who's having a Pro Bowl-type season with a team-high 10 sacks, ranking No. 6 in the league.

“He’s a great player – I understand that and I know that,” Newton said. “He’s having a great year for those guys. We just have to monitor him and be alert for where he is at all times.”

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