Drew Brees has a sense of humor about the NFL’s decision to take away six passing yards from Sunday’s career day and add an interception to his total.

Brees chuckled a little about the play on Wednesday and pointed out that the final score remained the same.

A play that was initially ruled a 6-yard completion to Willie Snead and a fumble the Giants returned for a touchdown was changed to an interception after the fact.

“As long as they don’t try to take points away from us, too,” Brees said. “We still won the game, it didn’t change the outcome, so we’re good.”

New Orleans has had a couple of iffy catch/non-catch rulings over the past couple of weeks, including two challenged plays against Indianapolis that were ruled incomplete because Saints receivers did not complete the process of the catch, according to the NFL.

Brees admitted he’s not sure what a catch or football move is at this point.

“At this point, I can’t,” Brees said. “I know technically what it says on paper, but I think just in general, we had a couple plays against the Colts in regards to catches, guys turning their bodies, then lunging to get the first down. … What’s a football move? A guy turning his body, lunging for the first down is a football move.”