Saints fans cheer after they defeat the Carolina Panthers in New Orleans, Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018. The Saints defeated the Panthers, 26 - 31.

All eyes were on the Saints first playoff game since 2013 Sunday in New Orleans. Well, sort of.

While not everyone in the Crescent City watched the 31-26 victory over the Carolina Panthers, a good portion did. Stats from WVUE, where the NFC Wild Card aired, show the game as the most-watched program in New Orleans over the past year on the network.

The Saints registered a 55.2 household rating across New Orleans' television-owning population, meaning more than half of New Orleans residents with a TV watched the game. The game also drew a 75 share rating -- meaning 75 percent of those watching TV at the time of the game were tuned in to it. 


At its peak, the game registered a 61.3 household rating and a 78 share rating. And to think, these numbers were registered when thousands of residents in Mid-City missed a good portion of the game when a metallic balloon knocked the power out for a couple of hours.

As impressive as these stats are, the game's most impressive feat may be the Saints broadcast beating last year's Super Bowl between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, which drew a 48.4 household rating. 

That shouldn't be too surprising considering the disdain Saints fans have for the Falcons. It is, however, interesting to think how many people could tune in if the two teams make it past the Divisional Round this week to meet in the NFC Championship game in two weeks.