Here is a look at the singing bonuses and total guaranteed money the Saints gave to the undrafted players signed immediately after the draft, according to sources:

DL Tavaris Barnes: $7,500 signing bonus/$15,000 total guarantee

WR R.J. Harris: $5,400 signing bonus

OL Cyril Lemon: $6,000 signing bonus

DL Kaleb Eulls: $10,000 signing bonus/$15,000 total guarantee

DL Ashaad Mabry: $5,400 signing bonus

LB Markus Pierce-Brewster: $6,000 signing bonus/$11,000 total guarantee

DL Bobby Richardson: $5,000 signing bonus

TE Harold Spears: $5,400 signing bonus

TE Jack Tabb: $3,000 signing bonus

OL Sean Hickey: $10,000 signing bonus/$22,5000 total guarantee