New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson has made his first comments on camera in a FOX 8 interview since his daughter and grandchildren filed a lawsuit against him claiming he's mentally unfit to make his own business decisions.

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"How are you feeling," Benson was asked. He replied, "Great. Just like a 50-year-old. How about that? Can't beat that deal."

He was then asked what he's focusing on at work right now and said "Well, we're getting ready for the season...starts now...the football season. Still got the Pelicans...quite busy.

"That's why I'm here instead of being on my boat."

Renee Benson, Rita LeBlanc and Ryan LeBlanc didn’t wait long to let the public know they weren’t going to take Benson’s new succession plan lying down. They had their attorneys file paperwork in Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Thursday seeking to have the 87-year-old patriarch of their family declared mentally unfit to make his own business decisions.

Exacerbating the ugliness of the family’s power struggle, a filing in probate court in San Antonio alleges that Benson tried to cut Renee, Rita and Ryan out of business interests there by barring them from visiting the car dealerships the family owns. A judge on Wednesday issued a temporary restraining order saying Benson cannot limit the access of the trio from those dealerships. He also agreed to temporarily freeze the assets associated with a trust created by Renee’s mother, Shirley. She was Tom Benson’s first wife and died in 1980. Tom Benson has that trust’s power, and Renee Benson is one of the beneficiaries.

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