The news that the New Orleans Police Department has closed its investigation into Cam Jordan‘s involvement in a September nightclub incident without filing charges against the defensive end offered Jordan some relief.

Now, the case will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s office.

“You can always have your standpoint of what you did,” Jordan said. “I’m just glad that some of this is dissipating. Actually, there’s going to be more, because I believe they’re referring it to the DA, so I hope the DA finds as much as New Orleans police did.”

Jordan has been accused of patting a woman on the buttocks, holding her boyfriend in the air in the bathroom and spraying champagne on the couple Sept. 6 at The Republic in the Warehouse District.

Police decided not to file charges.

But Jordan knows he can’t be involved in such situations going forward.

“I’m still waiting to be completely exonerated, but you have to be a better person, better captain, better leader for the team, especially for a d-line that has three guys with more than one year of experience on the d-line now,” Jordan said. “Moving forward, I have to be better.”