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Advocate file photo by MATTHEW HINTON -- Saints defensive end Akiem Hicks celebrates his sack of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles in the playoffs last season.

A few minutes with ... Akiem Hicks

Defensive end Akiem Hicks is one of the more personable Saints players, with a mix of analytic thinking and playful antics. In a meeting with the media this week, he sounded off about what short-yardage stops mean to the defense; his thoughts on a teammate’s new hairdo; whether or not he cares for being double-teamed by opponents; and what the best method is to overcome that situation.

What do short-yardage stops mean to the defense?

You’re really setting the tone for the defense when you have those kinds of stops. I think it was my rookie year two years ago when we played against Tampa, and we stopped them short yardage. That really gave us a boost to improve our record, because we had been on a little bit of a (winning) drought. That no matter what’s against us, we can persevere.

What do you think of cornerback Corey White’s new hairdo (which is a bronze-colored mohawk)?

Corey’s a different kind of guy. You really let him do what he wants to do. But nobody likes it.

What do you think about being double-teamed, as you often are?

I love it. Why not? Why not be one guy and beat two guys?

What’s the art of doing that?

Being stronger.

-- Gary Estwick

Injury report

Out : D. Brees, E. Lorig, K. Stills, J. Hamm, J. Evans, T. Nsekhe, D. Hawthone, K. Knox, V. Butler, R. Sweeting, T. Zimmerman, P. Robinson

Limited : C. Bailey

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