Advocate Staff Photo by ARTHUR D. LAUCK Photo shot on 2-09-10 met saints 00020487a Saints head coach Sean Payton holds the Super Bowl trophy during the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Parade Tuesday in New Orleans.

It was reported Wednesday that Saints head coach Sean Payton, flanked by four armed guards, entered the team locker room with more than $201,000 in cash and the Vince Lombardi Trophy the team won for being 2009 Super Bowl champions.

Now, we get an idea what that looked like.

Ian Rapport of the NFL Network Tweeted a photo displaying Payton's haul.

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Payton's symbolic move was used to motivate his team, which is two wins away from reaching another Super Bowl. The cash represents the bonus each player would earn if the Saints win the Super Bowl.

Players receive $29,000 for winning the divisional round, which the Saints play today against the Philadelphia Eagles.

They earn $54,000 for winning the NFC championship, and another $118,000 for winning the Super Bowl.

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Running back Mark Ingram said seeing the trophy and the money was even more motivation for a team that finished the season with the best record in the NFL.

"That trophy, that bread, all of that's on the line," Ingram said. "It's just another little way to get us going."

Reporting by Rod Walker contributed to this report.