New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan responded to a pair of tweets from President Donald Trump with his own criticism of the President on Friday morning. 

With preseason games opening around the NFL, a new wave of protests to raise awareness to racial inequality and police brutality surfaced: three Miami Dolphins kneeled during the national anthem, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins raised his fist, four Jacksonville Jaguars — including Leonard Fournette — decided to stay in the locker room rather than be on the field for the playing of the national anthem. 

All of the Saints who were in uniform for Thursday's win over the Jacksonville Jaguars were on the field and standing for the national anthem before the game. 

President Trump, who has called for the NFL to fire players who protest during the national anthem, posted two tweets on his official account on Friday in response to the protests.

Back in May, the NFL implemented a rule requiring that all players on the field stand for the anthem or their teams would be fined, but the rule is in limbo while the NFL and the NFL Player's Association negotiate whether or not the rule fits within the confines of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement.

Players around the NFL have reacted negatively to the NFL's rule, saying it limits their freedom of speech. 

In response to Trump's tweets, Jordan issued his own series of tweets, asking why Trump said nothing about the "Unite the Right" rally scheduled for this weekend in Washington, D.C., on the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville rally that erupted into violence. 

A few fans on Jordan's Twitter account argued with the All-Pro defensive end, and Jordan responded by offering to buy one fan's season tickets and donate them to charity, and responded to another by telling him he planned to focus even more on the children's charities where he volunteers. 

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