Zach Line

Zach Line was built from the same fullback mode that produced John Kuhn.

Like Kuhn, Line was a lead running back in college, a powerful runner who broke Eric Dickerson's record for all-purpose yards at SMU.

Brought in to replace Kuhn after the veteran suffered a torn bicep during practices in London, Line now gets a chance to take advantage of the versatile role the fullback plays in the New Orleans offense. 

"I like the versatility here of the role, I like the variation of the play-calling," Line said. "There's a lot of different plays to be run with the fullback in the game, the defense won't know what's going on."

Line spent four seasons in a Minnesota offense that used the fullback mostly as a battering ram. In 35 career games, he carried the ball just 13 times and caught only seven passes.

Kuhn, on the other hand, was given 18 carries and 20 targets with the Saints a year ago. Line's background offers hope he can handle the same type of work.

"I can adapt to a lot of different formations, a lot of different roles that I have to play," Line said. 

New Orleans already knew what Line could do before Kuhn suffered the injury. The former Viking spent the final couple of weeks of training camp with the Saints, and Line left knowing that he'd made a good impression. 

The call came as no surprise. 

"I had a good exit meeting with the coaches," Line said. "I knew they'd liked what I put on film, and it was a good fit with the running back room."

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