A sneak peak at Michael Thomas' cleats for the New Orleans Saints' NFC Divisional playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles, posted by Thomas on his Twitter account. 

When it comes to custom cleats, Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas clearly has the hook up.

And he's always on point when it comes to using said cleats to pay homage to New Orleans' robust culture, like the time he paid tribute to Mardi Gras before last season's Pro Bowl game.

Now, Thomas is paying tribute to a New Orleans icon and cult film with the custom Jordan Brand cleats he'll use before the Saints' NFC Divisional playoff game with the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday.

The cleats, a pair of white Jordan 11 cleats with black and gold trim, feature the characters Black and Blue from New Orleans rap label No Limit Records' 1998 film "I Got the Hook-Up." The characters are drawn up in the same pose, cell phones in hand, from the film's promotional poster.

Thomas shared a sneak peek of the cleats through his Twitter account Friday.

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No Limit Records rapper and figurehead Percy "Master P" Miller starred as Black in the film, which focuses on Black and his friend Blue, played by A.J. Johnson, getting a big break in business after mistakenly receiving a cell phone shipment and selling them. 

Master P, as well as other legendary New Orleans rappers, have served as inspiration for Thomas on game days this season. He often post old photos of rappers and their album covers on his Instagram Story leading up to kickoff. 

The film reference may also tie into another of Thomas' New Orleans-themed celebrations this season -- when he pulled out a cell phone from under a goal post, a la Joe Horn in 2003, in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in a 45-35 win against the Los Angeles Rams.