The days of the Benson Boogie may be long gone.

But hey, it's New Orleans, so there's always somebody dancing, right?

The floor belongs to Sean Payton now.

And there's a song to prove it.

"Hit the Sean Payton," a song created by local trumpeter Shamarr Allen, started going viral Tuesday.

A day after making its way around the world digitally, the song started making its way around the Saints' locker room.

Linebacker Craig Robertson pranced around while blasting it Wednesday.

Players danced to it, emulating the same moves their coach showed off Sunday in the locker room after the Saints defeated the Carolina Panthers 31-26 to win the team's first playoff game since 2013.

"That's just Sean," linebacker Manti Te'o said. "He's setting the tone for this team in every aspect. Whether it's having fun or whether it's time to get serious, he manages the team really well."

Advocate team takes on the Sean Payton Challenge, with some sick beats. Check out our Saints pride. 

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Te'o heard the song for the first time Wednesday and called it "catchy."

Robertson described the song as "dope."

They can thank Allen for that.

Allen, who grew up in the Lower 9th Ward, created the song Monday, a day after watching the Saints' postgame celebration that was circulating on social media.

He watched the video about 40 times Sunday night.

"The energy of the city came through at that moment," Allen said. "That's what New Orleans is all about. If you can dance or you can't dance, it doesn't matter. Live in the moment."

The next morning, Allen's 7-year-old son, Donte, asked him if he had seen the video.

"He liked it and I liked it," Allen said. "My son noticed the same energy."

So Allen's creative juice started going. He called DJ DNA, and they went to work.

The song took about two hours to finish.

The tempo came from watching Payton and the players dance.

Allen came up with the lyrics and also plays the tuba, trombone and trumpet on the track.

He knew as soon as he finished that he had a hit. "But I didn't know it was going to be this big," he said.

It was evident Wednesday when a video surfaced of kids at Green Park Elementary School "hitting the Sean" during P.E. class.


Can't see the video below? Click here

"It just goes to show you how much the fans and the community supports us," Saints receiver Ted Ginn Jr. said. "For someone to be able to take that segment and make a song that fast and it's now nationwide shows what this football team means to this town."

Payton heard the song for the first time in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

“I was overwhelmed," he said. "I got a beer and a song in two weeks.”

(Saints offensive lineman Zach Strief, who co-owns Port Orleans Brewing Co., named a beer after his coach in late December.)

Payton's players gave mixed reviews on their coach's dance moves. Rookie safety Marshon Lattimore said he doesn't expect to see Payton on "Dancing with the Stars."

"He's gotta show a little more rhythm," Lattimore said.

Fullback Zach Line found the song and the dancing to be entertaining.

"My wife and I were dying laughing watching it last night," Line said. "Someone has got to do it in the end zone this week. Sean was excited. But hey, it's the playoffs, so everyone has a little extra liveliness in them."

But players don't want to see the party end this week.

"It's a dope song and it's something for us to joke about and laugh about this week, but it doesn't mean anything if we don't finish up with our goal," Robertson said.

For the music to keep playing and the dancing to continue, the Saints must go to Minnesota and knock off the favored Vikings on Sunday to move one step closer to the Super Bowl. It's the same city where the Saints started the season, losing to Minnesota on their way to an 0-2 start.

"It shows how the year went," safety Vonn Bell said. "We started off bad, we picked it up. We're playing loose. We're winning games, and winning cures all. It's good to see a coach do that. He's trending now."

He can thank Allen and his lyrics for that.

Saints fans, the whole nation, go ahead, hit the Sean Payton ...

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