Jermon Bushrod no longer shares the locker room with the guys who helped him get through one of the toughest times of his life a few months ago.

In fact, Bushrod doesn't share a locker room with anyone now.

The veteran offensive lineman, who played on the Saints' Super Bowl team during the 2009 season and on the Saints' shoulda-been-Super Bowl team last season, isn't on anybody's roster now.

Maybe Bushrod, who entered the league in 2007, will get another opportunity.

Maybe not.

But for now, he's surely thankful for another opportunity far more important than anything on a football field. He delivered the news via Twitter on Tuesday, 12 days before Father's Day. 

He and his wife saw a rainbow in the sky on Tuesday, so they knew that was a sign that the time was right. 

"After every storm there’s a rainbow," Bushrod said on Twitter. "We’re beyond blessed to share with everyone that we're expecting our 4th blessing. This rainbow appeared on my JRs birthday and it was the sign my wife was waiting for to make this announcement. Prayers up for a smooth pregnancy."

Bushrod's storm came on October 18th.

That's the day he and his wife lost their daughter Jordyn Lynn Bushrod.

Jordyn — the Bushrod's third blessing — only lived one week.

Football helped Bushrod get through those difficult times.

"It's good to be around the guys," Bushrod said during the season. "Not good. It's great. It gives you an escape. But when I get home, she's always on my mind. My wife is always on my mind. So it's a battle."

Bushrod played with that heavy heart all season long.

He wrote the words "RIP Jordyn" on his cleats for the Saints game in November against the Cincinnati Bengals. She would have turned one month old that particular Sunday.

"It's just a reminder," Bushrod said that day. "Not that I need a reminder."

Bushrod was thrust into duty that day, having to fill in at left tackle after Terron Armstead was injured in the second quarter. Bushrod ended up starting six games while dealing with it all.

"She was here for a week and she struggled," Bushrod said. "Well, I won't say she struggled. I should say she fought. She fought. So all I can do is fight. Fight for this team."

And so he did that.

And his teammates showed their appreciation for it. They voted Bushrod the recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award, which goes to a player who exemplifies inspiration, sportsmanship and courage.

Armstead was one of the players Bushrod talked to and confided in during those tough times. He was elated to hear the good news Tuesday.

"I know it feels unbelievable to him," Armstead said. "Blessed. God is touching their family and they have a little angel looking over them for the rest of their lives. To be able to conceive again and have a child on the way, I'm sure they are at loss for words. I'm so happy for my brother, his wife and the family. "

Armstead found out about Bushrod's announcement moments on Tuesday right after the Saints' annual charity softball game at Tulane's Turchin Stadium. The Saints' defense won, outlasting the offense 22-21 in a game that wasn't decided until rookie center Erik McCoy hit a pop up to centerfield to end it.

Members of the Saints' defense looked up towards the sky, saw the ball wasn't hit deep enough to be a home run, and began to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Bushrod and his family looked towards the sky on this day and celebrated too.

They were the ones who saw the rainbow.

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