Laborer (Job ID 1242)

 The Laborer is responsible for the upkeep of the units in the Pressroom, cleaning the units on a daily basis, and clearing out unwanted waste daily.  

Summary of Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

A: Pressroom Labor Utility Clerk

    1. Dumps all trash barrels, rag barrels, or any other printed or non-printed waste that needs to be disposed of on a shift basis.

    2. Maintains and cleans pipe rollers with Mineral Spirit.

    3. Mops the upper and lower decks to remove the ink build up, ensuring that the deck plates are clean.

    4. Cleans the floor by removing all waste and paper from the night run, and puts materials in the proper place.

    5. Cleans utility room, storage room, elevator, windows, doors, and covers for units on a daily basis.

    6. Refills cleaning supplies on a weekly basis ensuring supplies are always on hand for use in the Pressroom.

    7. Obtains all-purpose solvent cleaner from the reel room for the cleaning to be done throughout the shift.

    8. Cleans mop room, mop buckets, and keeps clean mop water on the Pressroom floor at all times.

B: Other

    1. Works alongside the maintenance personnel when they are doing their daily preventive maintenance on the press units to assist in cleaning.

    2. Assist in the reelroom and on the receiving dock when needed.

    3. Performs other tasks as directed by supervisor



Gambit Editor (Job ID 1243)

Gambit is hiring an editor to lead our newsroom, setting the tone and editorial agenda for the paper and managing a staff of four people and freelancers.  The editor oversees the production of our weekly print publication as well as constant flow of online articles. This editor will play a pivotal leadership role in bringing Gambit into a new era of local news, while maintaining a beloved source for journalism in the New Orleans area for the past forty years. We’re seeking an editor who will be a champion for the paper both inside and outside of the newsroom — editing stories by a staff of hardworking journalists internally while at the same time being a public face for Gambit. A strong Gambit editor will also help writers produce their best work and collaborate with other publication departments to make it happen.

Summary of Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Provide final decision for all issues pertaining to print and digital editorial content, in consultation with Publisher.

2. Plan, edit, contribute to and coordinate news section (including but not limited to, weekly commentary, news section and cover stories.)

3. Plan, edit, contribute to, and coordinate other Editorial projects and special issues (including the Best of New Orleans Readers’ Poll, 40 under 40, Annual Guide to Schools, Summer Camps, etc.)

4. Supervise all copy flow of Gambit content. Maintain check-off list and collect all written copy, screen for completeness and style, and process to the Production department.

5. Ensure the accuracy, proofing, quality, and timeliness of editorial content.

6. Lead weekly Editorial meetings.

7. Meet weekly with Publisher, Production Director, etc. in regard to cover concepts.

8. Supervise editorial department staff members. Effectively address all employee performance concerns in a timely manner.

9. Network, recruit, maintain, and oversee an effective stable of freelance talent.

10. Schedule and lead six-week interdepartmental planning meetings.

11. Assign stories or approve assignments. Apportion department tasks fairly and effectively.

12. Oversee final designed pages to certify that they meet Editorial specs.

13. Consult and work with other department heads and oversee departmental interactions.

14. Plan and submit department budget annually and communicate numbers to appropriate editors and keep department on budget throughout the year.

15. Review and sign-off on freelance payroll weekly.

16. Field benefit time requests from editorial staff members and keep master calendar.

17. Screen resumes, interview, and make hiring decisions on new editorial employees, in collaboration with the Publisher and Human Resources.

18. React to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.



Digital News Editor (Job ID 1231)

If you’re looking for a job at a growing, fast-paced digital news operation in a hyper-competitive market, keep reading. 

If you’d enjoy working in one of the country’s top spots for food, music and fun, don’t stop here., the digital outlet for The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate, is seeking a digital news/audience editor. 

Capital City Press, dba The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate, is a locally owned company that operates three 7-day-a-week newspapers, including their surging digital properties. 


As the digital news/audience editor, you’ll be responsible for the following: 

-- Research and planning: Crafts, drafts and integrates strategic digital content plans. 

-- On-going education: Trains newsroom on best digital practices and new strategies. 

-- Management: Oversees team of newsroom digital editors to ensure they’re producing the best digital properties in the market. 

-- Hands-on approach: Maintains big-picture view of the company’s digital properties on all platforms to ensure they’re functioning properly and constantly appearing fresh and catchy. 

-- Forward-thinking: IDs areas of growth for the companies’ digital properties and communicates ways to accomplish the growth.  

A successful candidate will… 

-- Be organized, motivated, work well in a “need-it-now” environment while being fast and detail-oriented at the same time and must be comfortable handling a variety of topics such as sports, crime, local/state/national government and politics and entertainment.  

-- Stand out as one who can bring new ways of thinking about composing and delivering news.   

-- Have a working knowledge of web CMS/blog systems, analytics systems such as Parsely/Chartbeat/Google Analytics, newsletter services such as ConstantContact, push notification platforms like Urban Airship and social media management such as Social News Desk or SocialFlow. 

-- Bachelor’s Degree in journalism or a related field, preferred.

  • Five years previous experience. 
  • Thorough knowledge of the newspaper industry and production methods is required.  
  • Must be able to work a varied schedule of some weeknights and daytime weekend work. 



Technical Support Specialist (Job ID 1245) 

General Summary of Position: The Help Desk performs a variety of maintenance, software installation, and end-user support to ensure end-user workstations and network performance meet company and user requirements. Provides support to staff, troubleshoot computer problems, determines sources and advises on appropriate action. 

Primary Responsibilities and Essential Duties:  

A. Troubleshoots Equipment and Software Problems 

1. Answers user inquiries regarding computer software or hardware operation to resolve problems. 

2. Troubleshoots equipment and applications by entering commands and observes systems functioning to detect errors, correct malfunctions and verify correct operations. 

3. Reads technical manuals, confers with users, or conducts computer diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems or to provide technical assistance and support. 

4. Maintains records of daily problems and remedial actions taken. 

B. Software Installation 

1. Sets up equipment for employee use, performing or ensuring proper installation of operating systems or appropriate software. 

2. Installs and performs minor repairs to software, following design or installation specifications. 

3. Administers end-user workstations and supports end-user activities. 

C. Maintains Macintosh Computers 

1. Oversees the daily performance of computer systems. 

2. Answers user inquiries regarding computer software or hardware operation to resolve problems. 

3. Troubleshoot equipment and applications by entering commands and observes systems functioning to detect errors, correct malfunctions and verify correct operations. 

4. Reads technical manuals, confers with users, or conducts computer diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems or to provide technical assistance and support. 

D. Support Mobile Phones 

1. Oversees the daily performance of Mobile Phones, devices and systems. 

2. Answers user inquiries regarding Mobile Phones to resolve problems. 

3. Troubleshoot equipment and applications by entering commands and observes systems functioning to detect errors, correct malfunctions and verify correct operations. 

4. Refer major problems or defective products to vendors or technicians for service. 

E. Other 

1. Attends to special projects assigned by supervisor. 

2. Stays abreast of advances in technology and industry research by continuing education. 

3. Travel between locations as needed from New Orleans to Lafayette. 



Journeyman (Job ID 1246)

General Summary of Position: The Journeyman Pressman is responsible for assisting in operating the press including registration, color balancing, and the run down procedure. The purpose of the position is to assist in reaching the goal of completion of the daily newspaper.  

Summary of Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

 A: Set up Press  

  1. Reviews the web lead sheet and layout for the production run to see what unit to run, which size paper to use, if angle bar is needed, etc. 
  2. Inspects (visually) web detectors, blankets, turbo drains and water flow before each production run, ensuring that web detectors are clean, proper pulls have been made on the jaw flower, and locks plates into place so ink and water can be called for; Checks for ink presets upon loading the job a total of three times and calibrates densitometers.  
  3. Pre-inks units if cleaning maintenance has been performed on rollers and checks copies for production verification: corrects folios, proper plate sequence (solid color squares), registration and proper water and ink balance before the release of production papers. 

B: Operate Press 

  1. Operates a console- the folder, registration of colors and ink, and water balance – as directed so production of the newspaper can run smoothly. 
  2. Pulls copy of newspaper every 10,000 for quality control and consistency.  
  3. Monitors run for any maintenance malfunctions to decide whether papers can be kept or if they are spoiled.  

C: Preventative Press Maintenance  

  1. Cleans up presses by taking plates off after each run. 
  2. Cleans ink off rollers and blankets on a daily basis.  
  3. Processes work request on schedule maintenance such as cleaning of ink fountain, dumping ink trays, vacuuming dust from turner bars on floor plates, etc.    

D: Other  

  1. Performs other duties as directed by supervisor 


Why become an Independent Newspaper Contractor for The Advocate?


  • Be your own boss
  • Fees paid weekly
  • Earn approximately $1000-1500 a month!
  • Early morning work hours

Distributor Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Have a dependable vehicle
  • Have vehicle liability insurance
  • Be detail oriented
  • Be passionate about providing excellent service

Click here to request more information


Q. What is an independent contractor?

A. An independent contractor is a self-employed businessperson who negotiates and signs a contract to provide agreed upon results. An independent contractor is not an employee of Capital City Press or South Louisiana Distributors. As an independent business person, the contractor controls the operation of his or her own business and can provide his or her services to the public at large, including competitors of the South Louisiana Distributors. The contractor hires employees and assistants if he or she wants them and is solely responsible for paying and supervising them.

Q. Are there any benefits?

A. An independent contractor is not an employee of the Capital City Press and does not receive employee benefits such as health insurance.

Q. How much can I earn?

A. What an independent contractor can earn is based on the number of newspapers delivered and how any expenses involved in providing these results are managed. The profit potential of any delivery area can be maximized by providing excellent delivery results and by increasing the customer base.

Q. When would I get paid?

A. Our independent contractors receive a fee for delivery and are paid weekly by electronic funds transfer into your account.

Q. What are the hours?

A. Independent contractors set their own hours. The newspaper product is made available for pick-up during a certain window of time. The pick-up window varies by distribution centers but it's usually a few hours between 12 am and 3 am daily. The contractor is asked to agree to provide delivery results by 6 am Monday thru Saturday and by 7 am Sunday.

Q. Where would I pick up the papers?

A. Distribution Centers are located throughout The Advocate delivery area.

Q. How many papers would I deliver?

A. The number of newspapers varies by delivery area. If you are interested in entering an independent contractor relationship with the Capital City Press, we can discuss with you the specifics about available delivery areas.