Classified Submission Deadlines:

Garage Sales must be placed over the phone

Monday – 5:00pm Friday

Tuesday-Thursday – 9:00am the day before

Friday – Wednesday 4:00pm

Saturday – Thursday 4:00pm

Sunday - Friday 4:00pm

All other Categories

Sunday- Tuesday – Friday 4:00pm

Wednesday - Monday 4:00pm

Thursday – Tuesday 4:00pm

Friday – Wednesday 4:00pm

Saturday – Thursday 4:00pm

1. To help process your request, please include as much information as possible when submitting your classified ad.

2. Do NOT place advertisements for Public Notices or Legal Notices using this form as they follow a different deadline schedule. For Public Notices, please call 225-388-0128. For Legal Notices, please fax 225-388-0117.

PREPAYMENT REQUIRED You will be contacted via email as soon as possible. If you have issues or have not received confirmation, please call 225-383-0111

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If you do not see your category or subcategory listed, please call us at 225.383.0111 to place your ad. Other categories are available through our classifieds pages at

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If you do not see your category or subcategory listed, please call us at 225.383.0111 to place your ad. Other categories are available through our classifieds pages at

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The publisher reserves the right to edit, revise, properly classify or reject advertising copy which does not conform to its rules and regulations.

Dealers clearly indicate that they are dealers either by their firm name or the word agent.

In regard to employment advertising, all offers of employment should state the work to be performed. Since ads are alphabetized within the proper classification, they should start out with a key word which indicates the type work. Sales employment advertisements should name the product or service to be sold. If money is mentioned, copy should state how earnings are paid (salary, commission, draw, etc.). If a fee is required, that should be indicated in the ad.

All Business Opportunity, franchise or other investment ads will be investigated through our local BBB or other fact finding boards, and will require additional time to complete research necessary in an attempt to establish acceptance. Name of company must appear in ad.

The publisher reserves the right to change without notice, the closing times for advertising copy, its rates, rules and regulations.

Failure to make an order correspond to the rate card will be regarded as a clerical error and the advertisement will be inserted and charged for at the regular schedule of rates then in force.

Credit for errors in advertisements will be allowed for the first insertion only and shall not exceed the cost of the actual space occupied by the ad, or portion thereof, in which the error occurs.

Claims for allowances of errors should be made within 15 days from the date of invoice.

Requests for references will be understood to mean one bank reference and at least two business references.

Because of the time required to check references, advertising requiring references should be received at least seven days in advance of deadline.

The publisher does not assume liability or financial responsibility for typographical errors or omissions.

Any response to any advertisement listing a box number assigned to an advertiser whether the identity of the advertiser is disclosed or not disclosed, shall be given to the advertiser without being opened and without any manner of screening of approval whatsoever. The Advocate does not offer and does not contract to have any confidential business, employment or agency relationship with either the advertiser or any respondent, and specifically disclaims any such relationship. The Advocate shall not be responsible for any disclosures, loss of responses or misdirection of responses.

Confidentiality shall be maintained to the extent permitted by law; The Advocate shall comply with all subpoenas following notice to the advertiser and opportunity to intervene.

If you do not receive a response from us within 2 business days, or you have any other questions about your online classified submission, please email or call 225.383.0111.