Chocolate Chip Espresso

Chocolate Chip Espresso

Part of being a mom is a perpetual lack of sleep, I’m sure that any fellow mom would agree. Sleep is just one of those little things that we give up in order for our children to have the perfect science project, the homemade Halloween costume, and the bento boxed lunches with smiley faced sandwiches.

Most of us parents run on a blend of adrenaline and caffeine. If you don’t need coffee, then I envy your superpowers!

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is espresso. I love a nice solo espresso shot with no accompaniments, but do you know what I love even more? A solo espresso shot that is surrounded by chocolate!

It’s the perfect little treat to reward ourselves for a parenting job well done! Enjoy!


4 oz espresso

1/2 tsp chocolate syrup

Whipped cream

Chocolate chip cookie slice for garnish


Prepare espresso to package directions. In an espresso cup or shallow mug, stir chocolate syrup into hot espresso.

Top with whipped cream and cookie garnish.

For the “happy hour” version, add 1oz of Baileys Irish cream to the espresso and stir well.

Recipe by Imani Guillory, also known as Cajun Mama. Follow Imani on Facebook@CajunMamaLouisiana for more recipes and fun food ideas