Jackson Kidder has always been gentle and kind.

“He just has an old soul for being 8 years old,” his mom, Geni Boudreaux, said. “He’s very loving. He will talk to anyone. He is willing to help anyone and everyone.”

That spirit shone through two years ago when Jackson was attacked by two Rottweilers. Boudreaux said Jackson had multiple bites and required hundreds of stitches. But through it all, he was more concerned with others than himself.

“The whole time, that boy did not shed a tear,” Boudreaux said. “I broke down seeing him in that state. He had to tell me to stop crying. When my mom was bringing him to urgent care after it happened, he told her he wasn’t going to die. He just has a kind soul and looks out for everyone.”

Jackson is now mostly recovered and enjoys being outside. His favorite activities include soccer, baseball, fishing, riding four-wheelers and helping his grandfather with chores.

At school, Jackson is in second grade at J. Wallace James Elementary. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, he had to do some virtual days before in-person classes resumed. He adapted and did well, but for Jackson, being around his friends and teachers is part of what gives him joy.

“He likes socializing and being at school with his friends,” his mom said. “He is very outgoing and makes friends with anyone. He really loves being around people.”