The beginning of the school year will look different for Louisiana families, as many districts will use either a complete online or hybrid learning model. To help parents and teachers, LPB and the Department of Education have developed dozens of academic resources for kids of all ages.

The Advocate, The Acadiana Advocate and The New Orleans Advocate | The Times-Picayune are pleased to partner with LPB and CLB The Community Bank to share these resources with families. Each week, our websites and social media channels will feature a list of resources for students, plus tips for parents and educators. Just click on the grade level and program name to go to that resource.

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Here are this week’s digital resources:

Grades K-2: Hamster Run - Game | The Ruff Ruffman Show

Use the engineering design process to build, test, and redesign structures to help the hamsters reach their food in this structural science game from The Ruff Ruffman Show. This resource is a part of the Ruff Ruffman Show Science Collection.

Grades 3-5: What Edison Teaches Us About Success 

Students examine Thomas Edison’s character traits and how they contributed to his becoming one of the greatest inventors in history. In this interactive lesson, students watch videos adapted from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Edison to gather evidence about Edison’s traits. They apply what they learn to explain how one particular trait helped him succeed as an inventor.

Grades 6-8:  Comparing Unit Price 

This interactive activity challenges learners to solve unit rate problems to determine the best deal per ounce of grocery items. Recognize how math concepts, like rate and ratio, can be used in everyday situations.

Grades 9-12: What are the Chances?

This flexible interactive provides opportunities to practice identifying simple, compound, and/or dependent probabilities using answers in the form of fractions, percentages, and/or decimals. Beginners can explore simple probability, while more advanced learners can get practice with conditional probability. Immediate feedback is provided, with access to step-by-step solutions for repeated incorrect responses.

Teachers:  LPB | Edcamp Statewide Partnership Empowering Educators Statewide 

Edcamps are free to attendees, ensuring that all local educators have access to them. LPB’s goal is to support Edcamps around the state so educators statewide can connect with one another to spark innovation in the classroom. This partnership will help Edcamps in Louisiana bring educators together to transform teaching in learning, especially early childhood educators. LPB recognizes the need for strong peer-to-peer teacher networks and looks forward to bringing the Edcamp model to communities around the state in partnership with all of the Edcamps in Louisiana.