The school year looks different for Louisiana families, as many districts are using either a complete online or hybrid learning model. To help parents and teachers, LPB and the Department of Education have developed dozens of academic resources for kids of all ages.

The Advocate, The Acadiana Advocate and The New Orleans Advocate | The Times-Picayune are pleased to partner with LPB and CLB The Community Bank to share these resources with families. Each week, our websites and social media channels will feature a list of resources for students, plus tips for parents and educators. Just click on the grade level and program name to go to that resource.

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Here are this week’s digital resources:

Grades K-2: Beading Art Game | MOLLY OF DENALI™-

Use this MOLLY OF DENALI™ digital game to extend and expand students' use of informational text, as well as their knowledge of Alaska Native culture. In this game, Molly shows players how to make various beading designs using the procedural/how-to text of design cards. Players are then guided to use the design cards to decorate clothing and other items. Players can also create their own designs. Narrated by Molly, the game, which takes about 10–20 minutes to play, is accessible for readers and nonreaders alike.

Grades 3-5: Interactive Lewis and Clark Trail

This interactive allows students to follow in the footsteps of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on one of the most important expeditions in American history—a voyage of danger and discovery from St. Louis to the headwaters of the Missouri River, over the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean. This interactive combines a compelling graphic interface with facts, lessons and video clips from the film.

Grades 6-8: Trail of Tears: The Cherokee Fight Against Removal 

In this interactive lesson supporting literacy skills, students are introduced to the Cherokees' struggle to remain on their land in the early 1800s. Students develop their literacy skills as they explore a social studies focus on the assimilation strategy of the Cherokee Nation and its eventual impact on their fate. During this process, they read informational text, learn and practice vocabulary words, and explore content through videos and interactive activities.

Grades 9-12: Making North America | Interactive Map

Discover how North America took its shape by visiting geological sites across the continent, searching for clues in the landscape, and viewing episodes from the broadcast series Making North America, in this interactive produced by NOVA. In Expedition, hunt for clues that help explain how geological forces shaped North America, find artifacts that reveal how the landscape influenced life, and search for evidence that exposes how humans turned rocks into riches. In Explore, click on map pins to study landscapes and watch video clips that cover relevant science topic


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