Aadit Narayanan has always loved math. In elementary school, he participated in his first math competitions.

“I like the ability to problem solve,” he said.

Now a 15-year-old sophomore at Episcopal School of Baton Rouge, Aadit is sharing his math skills with others. Recently, he co-authored his first math research paper with other high school students. The paper examined the probability of coin flips, determined the expected value and proved the math.

Most of the research took place during the pandemic, meaning the group had to participate in Zoom calls for hours each day. But Aadit’s mother, Sri Murali, was not surprised her oldest son would take on such an intensive project.

“He has never been able to sit still and do nothing,” Murali said. “If he’s not working on something, he’s reading. His mind always has to stay active.”

The paper is just one way Aadit contributes to the world of math. At Episcopal, he is a member of Math Circle and is part of a team that competes at universities. He also tutors math to middle school students.

Besides all of that, Aadit is a member of the Episcopal Science Olympiad and wind ensemble. He is also a Writing Center Fellow, a tennis player and a piano player.

Despite his early success, Murali said Aadit is mainly focused on giving back to others.

“He’s really kind and humble,” she said. “That’s something we emphasize at home. He is never one to brag. He’s really focused on supporting other kids through tutoring, especially at the middle school level. He wants to see everyone succeed.”

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