Name: Loretta Webb

School: LaSalle Elementary

Grades/Subjects: Fourth grade gifted

Why this teacher was nominated:

My son describes her as smart, kind, patient and resilient. Ms. Webb makes learning fun and encourages critical thinking. She teaches online and in-person students concurrently and ensures that all of her lessons and materials are accessible to all students. Ms. Webb has been so patient with the students (and parents!) as we have learned to navigate all of the new platforms this year.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I was not satisfied with the teaching options in pre-K. As a business professional at the time, I was looking for a quality preschool for my young children and always seemed to come up short. I decided to return to college for an advanced degree and join the public school teaching force. I began as a Pre-K teacher.

How has the coronavirus affected your work the most?

I’ve had to shift all lessons and materials to online classrooms and platforms while providing innovative ways to conduct safe and effective teaching, learning and communicating. I have become very proficient in both face-to-face and virtual teaching simultaneously.

What keeps you going, even during the tough times?

My desire to make a better Baton Rouge through my example as an educated woman. I have a desire to provide a service and make a positive impact on all families in our community. Teaching is my passion, and through this passion, I am able to persevere and bring peacefulness, compassion and wonderment of our world to children and their families.